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Staging Your Success Story


Home staging is one of the best ways to help your property sell faster and for a better price.

The Staged and Sold team in L.A. offers professional home staging done by interior designers so you can rest assured that you’re set up for success. We’re here to make your space appear big, bright, warm, and welcoming to draw in potential buyers and help themselves feel at home.

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Why Invest in Home Staging:

  • Help your home stand out in the competitive L.A. market
  • Make it easier for buyers to imagine themselves at home
  • Spruce up empty space
  • Realtors® believe home staging can increase selling price by 1–5%
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What to Expect

Prior to Staging

• Consult with a staging team member.

• One of our lead designers selects furniture for your home specifically.

• We offer recommendations of which rooms of your home should be staged.

During Staging

• We employ in-house movers to stage your home.

• Your lead designer orchestrates the process.

• You choose which rooms to stage, and we set them up completely.

Your home is picture-ready when we are finished!


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