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What Is Home Staging?

A lot goes into selling a house, from touring prospective buyers to mountains of paperwork. However, there is one step that’s easy to overlook but incredibly important — staging. Staging your home is a great way to make your home seem more welcoming, attract a bigger payout, and sell faster. Staged and Sold is here to help! Read on to learn more about home staging, and contact our team today to get started.

What Is Home Staging?

In simple terms, home staging is the process of decorating your house to help it sell better. It’s the step after you have made any necessary repairs and renovations, as well as decluttered and cleaned the space. The purpose of home staging is to make the space feel bigger, brighter, warmer, and more welcoming, showing off your home in its best light while keeping it neutral so potential buyers can imagine themselves settling in.

Home styling can include:

  • Painting
  • Furniture custom selected for your home
  • Unique home decor, such as mirrors, throw pillows, and plants

Why Invest in Home Staging

Does going the extra mile with a little interior design really make a difference? Yes! Not only can effective home styling help you sell your home faster, it can also help you get a better price! In a recent poll from the National Association of Realtors®, nearly one third of buyers’ agents believe that home staging can increase a property’s selling price by at least one to five percent. It can help your house stand out from the competition and also make it easy for buyers to imagine themselves at home. It’s especially helpful for empty houses without any existing framework potential buyers can use to picture living there.

Why Work With Professionals

The concept of cleaning and decorating your home may sound simple and easy to do yourself, but if you want the best results, then you want to work with a professional team. Staged and Sold is a team of professional interior designers with experience and an eye for just the right piece. We use unique home decor – constantly updated to follow current trends – to appeal to a buyers’ senses. We cater to the current market, selecting the right colors, textures, and more to help boost your profits.

Our process begins with a consultation. We’ll determine which rooms you would like to stage, and a Lead Designer will orchestrate the entire project. We choose the furniture and decor to best show off your space and move everything necessary so you don’t have to. At the end, we’ll make sure your home is picture perfect and ready to welcome potential buyers!

Stage Your Success Story Today

Are you ready for the next step in selling a house? Get in touch with Staged and Sold! We’ll work with you to prepare your property for a quick and profitable sale on the market. Reach us by phone, email, or here on our website — we look forward to working with you!